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  • Kelly and Skip,

    A note of thanks to you both, for your desire and ability to accommodate my Mom’s changing needs over the years. I want you to know that I am thankful to have walked into your office many years ago (2010) with my mom, looking to purchase a Freedom Alert System from you. Which we did. And I never forgot the sweet office ladies at that time. I remembered them and decided “I will call this place if I ever need them”. Which again – we did. J And the rest is history that you know.

    You only heard from me on occasions of angst. That is probably fairly normal. You wouldn’t know that I have given your name on several occasions to folks who are looking for a sitter service.
    Because I have steadfastly believed that Allcare does not leave a problem unsolved. Allcare will work to help the family find that comfort zone they are looking for – it may not be immediate, it takes time to find the right combinations, but find it you will!
    So, hats off to your hardworking staff – I cannot imagine the scheduling nightmares and many other daily fires that keep your staff hurrying to solve issues. And I so appreciate all the sweet ladies who have been so kind to me on the phone, over the years. I will not forget them and I do So recognize what they went through to solve my problems.
    So - thanks to you both and your inside team for making my Mom’s last 5 years of life very happy, content and exactly how she wanted it – in the comfort of her own home!

    The attachment is a note for all the loving, kind-hearted caregivers that have been in Mom’s life, if you wouldn’t mind putting it where all the girls can see it in the office, I’d so appreciate it!

    I am adjusting to life without my sweet, lovely mom and also recuperating from surgery so it has taken me a while to gather my thoughts. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that my phone simply stopped ringing. Completely. It is so calm now. I am having trouble getting used to that. In fact, I’m quite sure I don’t like it. J

    Thank you again, my best to everyone ~

    Lynn F.

  • I cannot say enough about the assistance that you and your staff have been to me the last 4 years but especially the last 9 months. Ms B. has been with mother the longest and has become like a member of the family. She is really sharp and has served as a sort of a team leader for the rest of the ladies. When I make a change of any kind (diet, meds, anything), she sits down and writes instructions for all who come next. She really is amazing. Thank you for sharing her with us all this time. Of all the others who have been part of mother's care, they have all been professional but beyond that compassionate. They truly exemplify all ages, all stages. Please pray for my mom and for our family as we move to this next stage of care. As I am sure you teach in your seminars, it is not easy to loose a loved one like this.

    Susan W.

  • Christine called me about 11:00 am and said the ambulance was on the way. I asked what was going on and she said dad started having chest pains and took two nitro tables which did nothing. She acted quickly to get emergency help to the house and worked to keep him calm and stable. Probably saved his life with her quick actions. She then took care of picking up one of our dogs at the groomer and stayed at the house until I returned. She was a Godsend, a very sweet person who truly cares for and loves dad and would do anything to help him and us in a time of need. Thank you so much AllCare for the people that you hire and the way they care for other human beings that need your services.

    Dianna H.

  • AllCare was there when we needed help! They were quick to respond and jumped into action to help me with care for my husband when he was released from the hospital just days before Christmas! All of the caregivers that were sent to help us were kind and helpful. And the staff was great at following up and making sure that we had the schedule on track and that we were happy with the care we were receiving. I would highly recommend these wonderful people to anyone needing assistance at home! We're fortunate that our needs were short term but will call them again if the need arises!

    Mrs. H.

  • I'm not sure if I wrote you to let you know how very much I appreciate having you and your fine staff work with Daddy. Being an only child and living across the country definitely has it disadvantages... but knowing that you and the ladies at AllCare make my life so much better just knowing that Daddy is well cared for. I speak with the nice caregivers regularly, and I am always impressed with the care and love they show him. You are a true Blessing for me!


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