• Medication Management

  • Trying to keep up with multiple medications can be stressful and potentially even dangerous. Our medication management can range from medication reminders performed by caregivers or true medication management performed by our RN.

  • Our medication management performed by an RN includes:

    • Review of all prescription medications, over-the counter                            medications, vitamins, and supplements.
    • Develop and maintain a list of all current medications.
    • Weekly set up of medication tray by a licensed nurse.
    • Supervision of medication refills and doctor appointments.
    • Review of potential side effects.
    • Communicate with the physician for any concerns.

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  • Benefits of Medication Management

    There are many benefits of managing your medication:

    • Peace of mind managing multiple drug therapies.
    • Reduced risk of medication errors.
    • Improved health and overall wellness.
    • Comprehensive medication list provided.
    • Boost outcomes by reducing drug interactions.
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