Personal Care

For every individual, it’s important to stay on top of personal hygiene. For some seniors, though, it can be more difficult to do so than others. Our AllCare team is here to ensure all your activities of daily living and tasks are taken care of.

female caregiver brushing senior female patient's hair

Personal Hygiene Services

Staying on top of activities of daily living is critical for seniors to be able to live with dignity. Our personal hygiene care ensures that they can do so.

Our staff can assist with:

incontinence care
hair care
dental hygiene
bathroom assistance

female caregiver washing patient's dishes



Our caregivers will help maintain your living space with light housekeeping, which is an important piece of living a healthy life.

Our light housekeeping services include:

washing dishes
doing laundry
changing linens as needed

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female caregiver brushing senior female patient's hair

Meal Planning & Preparation

Our team provides a variety of meal services that help seniors get the nutrients they need.

Our team can help with:

Ensuring nutrition

Providing a tasty meal

Catering for a specific dietary need

Safety, because they may no longer be cooking for themselves

Providing social companionship

There are also psychological benefits to reminiscing about helping in the kitchen as a child.

female caregiver administrating medication to senior male patient



As part of our personal care service, our caregivers can provide you or your loved one medication reminders. However, they are not allowed to distribute medications or offer medication information, that must be performed by an RN. We do have an RN on staff who does Medication Management. That is an additional service and must be scheduled separately; to learn more, please visit our Medication Management page.

female caregiver playing checkers with male senior patient

Companionship & Emotional Support

At AllCare, the people we provide care for are not viewed as clients, but as family. We see it as our duty to enrich their lives with an array of stimulating activities, such as:

external activities

Caregiver walking outside with female client

Wellness Goals

It’s always important for people to stay on top of their physical and mental wellness. We help seniors do so in a variety of ways, including:

range of motion
cognitive activities
dietary planning assistance
medication reminders

Beautiful happy senior woman in a blue blouse in the passenger seat in a car enjoying a trip


We can provide incidental transportation for many of your daily needs. These can include shopping, errands, and doctor appointments. This can be part of your care plan and can be at no additional care charge.*

*Only if you or your loved one’s vehicle is used. Otherwise there will be a charge for mileage reimbursement for caregiver using their personal vehicle.
Caregiver giving cute cat to senior man at home

Helping With Pet Care

We know your pet is important to you, and additionally, there are medical studies to prove pet ownership is good for your health. Seniors who own cats or dogs are proven to go to the doctor less often than those who don’t. In a study of one hundred Medicare patients, even the most highly stressed dog owners had a 21 percent lower level of contact with their physician than non-owners.

graphic of caregiver carrying a paper bag full of groceries for senior patient
Our personal care and hygiene services provide professional help at home in Charleston and surrounding communities that allow you or your loved one the opportunity to maintain an active, independent lifestyle in the comfort and familiarity of your home.

We only hire the most qualified and compassionate caregivers that pass our rigorous screening process. Each member of our team is approved by our RN as a “State Certified Home Care Aide”. If you or someone you know could benefit from help at home in Charleston or the surrounding area, contact AllCare Living Services today!