Being able to get around gives seniors a sense of independence. There’s a great big world that lies outside of our homes, and seniors enjoy accessing it as much as anybody. However, there comes a point where an individual will need assistance in doing so- and our team at AllCare is here to provide that assistance.

Our team of caring and compassionate experts in senior care in the Nexton, SC area offers transportation services to help seniors get to and from appointments, activities, and events across the Lowcountry. Whether you’re in need of getting to a doctor’s appointment or your grandson’s baseball game, AllCare Living Services will get you there and back.

If you have not used AllCare before, and you need a one-time service or are looking for a more personalized form of transportation, our concierge service might be just what you’re looking for. With our in-home senior care in Nexton and the surrounding communities, as with our concierge service, we will transport you to and from the hospital or doctor’s office, with stops for medications or supplies if necessary.

Our transportation and concierge service can be for up to four hours and includes mileage fees up to 40 miles round trip. Additional time and mileage are available; please call our office for more details.

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The Benefits Of Our Transportation Services

AllCare Living Services’ transportation and concierge services ensure that you and your loved ones can spend precious time doing the things you love most.

Our team of professional drivers will get you and your loved ones where they need to be safely and on time- if not early- and completely take the worry of the trip out of the equation. After returning back home following the event, our expert caregiver will transition back into the home routine; only after this is our job considered to be complete.

Our transportation and concierge services come with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Getting you to and from doctor and dentist appointments on time
  • Transporting you to and from various community events and gatherings
  • Transporting you to and from family events, such as weddings, dinner parties, and holiday gatherings

Other In-Home Services

In addition to our transportation services that take you or your loved ones where you need to go, AllCare also provides a variety of in-home services for seniors throughout the greater Charleston area. These services include Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal care, medication management, and more. Learn more about how our team can assist you and your loved one below.